Vola ends the year with TV-show & Danish tour

Author Flavia Andrade - 7.12.2022

After a successful headlining tour of the USA, Canada, and South America the band returned home to Denmark. They recently appeared on Danish TV-show “Go’ Morgen Danmark” and will end the year with a tour of Denmark.

Bass player Nicolai Mogensen says:

“For us, it was really a big thing to be invited to ‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’ on the Danish live TV channel TV2. The morning show is an established institution in Denmark that many viewers watch in the morning. The show has very rarely invited heavy or progressive bands, so it was a great pleasure to break new ground with Vola. We had a lot of fun talking Vola, explaining polyrhythms to the hosts, and playing our song ‘Straight Lines‘ live in the Studio.”

You can watch “Straight Lines” live performance below:

Tour dates Denmark, December 2022:

09 Aalborg, Studenterhuset 
10 Aarhus, VoxHall 
15 Esbjerg, Tobakken 
16 Odense, Posten 
17 København, Store Vega