Vola - Brewer's Street (Helsinki Ice Hall) - 2022

VOLA’s Adam Janzi discusses recent global headlining dates, plus new music coming in 2023

Author Samantha Chilli - 17.12.2022

It has been the season of VOLA, as the Danish progressive metallers have only gained momentum in the wake of 2021’s “Witness” album (Mascot Records). Recently, the four-piece–comprised of Asger Mygind (vocals/guitar), Martin Werner (keyboards), Nicolai Mogensen (bass), and Adam Janzi (drums)–explored new continents as headliners, completing nine dates in North America and two dates in South America, followed by a victory lap around their home country.

“I was very pleasantly surprised,” Janzi said in an interview with Chaoszine, citing Chile as a highlight along the international run. As the “Witness” album cycle draws to a close, Janzi revealed that all sights are set on recording a new album in 2023, with “months of focused songwriting” on the near horizon. Watch the interview below to hear more about VOLA’s touring adventures, songwriting collaboration process, and the ways that Janzi plans to push his own creative limits in future material.

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