Heavy is the answer! Review of Sign Of The Swarm’s ‘Amongst the Low & Empty’

Author Vickky Lewis - 1.8.2023

Pittsburg’s Sign Of The Swarm have released their new album ‘Amongst the Low and Empty’. Where heavy is an understatement. The brutal deathcore album is in collaboration with producer Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore) and features riffs and mixes by guitarist Joshua Travis (Emmure) and drummer Cameron Losch (Born of Osiris). Plus a guest scream on the track ‘The Witch Beckons’ by Trivium’s Matthew K. Heafy. 

While Sign Of The Swarm is known as a killer deathcore band; this album has pushed the definition of deathcore and the band itself. Bringing in fresh blood to the band with guitarist Carl Schulz (formerly of Great American Ghost). Together; they have written and produced a standout deathcore album that will live on. Mixing in elements of industrial metal + Metalcore with chaos melodies creating a structure that is catchy, dynamic and groovy. Yes, Sign Of The Swarm have mastered groovy deathmetal. Along with animalistic vocals from David Simonich that are savage, ripping right into the track and taking your soul. 

The production on ‘Amongst the Low and Empty’ is insane, showcasing how talented each individual are as songwriters and musicians. Bobby Crow, drummer and main songwriter and Josh Schroeder, producer writing the heaviest album they could. Producing head-banging riffs that on a world of their own. As they explore into a new territory with melodramatic key changes and tempos in tracks like “Echelon” Including moments of fantasy instrumental in the tracks such as  “Faces Without Names”. It’s hot and fresh that will surprise your metal taste buds. Michael Cassese, bassist fine tuned the tones and moments in between. While David Simonich wrote hell deep lyrics that strike you. 

Together, they all wrote and produced an album that drives and speaks for itself. It will leave you full of surprises and pure deathcore heaviness.