All Shall Perish announces reunion lineup

Author Hernan Osuna - 8.2.2024

Northern Californian extreme metal outfit All Shall Perish have commented on their decision to reunite for their first live shows in a decade.

The US metallers have now booked their second reunion show of 2024 at the recently announced Inkcarceration Festival and unveiled their “new” lineup.

The returning lineup in 2024 consists of vocalist Eddie Hermida, guitarists Chris Storey and Ben Orum and drummer Matthew Kuykendall. No word yet on who will handle the bass duties.

The band stated:

Deathcore LIVES.

We are so back. The cyclical nature of things has come to pass over even The Deathcore. Perhaps the genre never died but zombified? The first All Shall Perish record was released in 2003 and the “last” in 2012; and now only 9 years after we announced our (failed) reunification and almost 13 years since our last album, we can finally say of the end…. it is finished. We have awoken from our dogmatic slumbers to find ourselves in a strange world, where Deathcore lives and the kids are alight. The blood of the martyrs has been the seed of revival. Thank you to all the bands, old and new, who kept the torch burning for a genre that faced straight up hate and has emerged re-discovered and sick AF, much to the chagrin of purity-spiralers worldwide.

To all the fans, who every single day of our absence, never stopped expressing their discontent, this is for you.

@bigtexasmetalfest – May 2024
@inkcarcerationfestival – July 2024

-All Shall Perish
Eddie Hermida
Chris Storey
Ben Orum
Matthew Kuykendall”