When punk speaks the truth – review of Bass Drum Of Death’s “Say I Won’t”

Author Vickky Lewis - 2.2.2023

The garage punk band Bass Drum Of Death from Mississippi, USA have released their fifth album “Say I Won’t”. This is their first album since resigning to hometown independent record label Fat Possum Records. “Say I Won’t” is an album all about change and reflection as Bass Drum of Death moved from New York back to hometown Mississippi during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Say I won’t” opens with the track “Find It” , a groovy tight bop that gets you into the swing of the album. The soft garage punk sound echoes through the lyrics that reflects how the world was during the chaos of the pandemic. While still allowing yourself to feel emotion and live your life. The Chorus:

“You will find here” “you will find it anywhere”

Conveys the message of the track like no other. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel for Bass Drum Of Death as it doesn’t matter where the band is based. They’re going to smash it out of the park anyway.   

As “Say I won’t” progresses passionate punk rock glory. We land on the track “No Soul”. A straight up punk classic. With sparkle guitars, bright drums and playful vocals. It’s a rockin track that is playful and catchy. Even if the lyrics are the opposite of that, illustrating when you feel empty inside. But the way the track was produced “No Soul” reflects light and shade. As I listen to the track I want to get up and dance but the lyrics tell me otherwise. The production hit the nail on the head, which I haven’t heard in punk for a while. 

The album “Say I Won’t” takes a turn to the brightside, where tracks are speaking on the positive side of life. Where tracks get more bright and push your heart rate up. Just over 2 minutes in running time; the track “Everybody’s Going To Be There” is the roadrunner guitar and drum song that we all need. The positivity pours out of “Everybody’s Going To Be There” as the lyrics tell the moment we all got out of lockdown and how good it felt to be around our friends and family again.

“Everybody’s gonna be there”

“Everybody’s gonna watch me roll”

 The running guitars that burst onto the track are infectious while the drums are the driving focus to make your headbang and keep the good vibes coming. 

Ending the album with “Too Cold To Hold” is a slick track to end on. First being released in November 2020 as a single; it’s now time to shine as the closure of “Say I Won’t”. The rockin blues influenced track is the cool guy moment for Bass Drum Of Death. It’s slick with crashing drums and retro bass. 

“Say I Won’t” is the album that shows who Bass Drum Of Death is and how Covid-19 lockdowns affected the band. It speaks the truth as well as being fun and a rush of energy. You really go on this journey with Bass Drum Of Death; A relatable one. The album is a mix mash of garage punk and blues where we can see where the band is currently musically. It’s a great era to be a Bass Drum Of Death fan.