Welcome to Riff City – Review of DZ Deathrays “R.I.F.F”

Author Vickky Lewis - 12.6.2023

Aussie favourites DZ Deathrays have released their sixth album R.I.F.F. The Dance-Punk headbangers have set us loose in riff city where each track is an experimental pedal to the metal. Containing three house party singles ‘Paranoid’, ‘King B’ and ‘Tuff Luck’. R.I.F.F creates a mark for DZ Deathrays on them reaching new heights and creating that ‘oh right, hell yeah’ album. 

‘Paranoid’ opens R.I.F.F with a rumbling build where the riff sets a light and the hit of drum sticks can be heard. DZ Deathrays fully unleash on us when the drums go mental and they fire the first lyrics. ‘Paranoid’ sets the mood of album which is upbeat, groovy and a sing-along. DZ Deathrays lit the fire that spreads throughout this album. 

There’s no stopping it’s go,go,go expect for the two 25 seconds interlude. And yes, we get a moments of breath in a punk album. We even get a 1 minute outro. I know it’s different and it’s unique and the first interlude is quite early in the album. It comes in at track 4 of 13. Which is experimental but it works. A lyric in the interlude ‘remember it’s for fun’ caught my attention. DZ Deathrays are fun and the album is fun but if we look at the lyrics closely it touches on paranoia, letting go, overthinking, hoping for the best and how life sucks in general. It’s a snapshot of how life can make you feel at times. They speak the truth. But as we reach the end of the album just like in life we learn that it’s all going to be okay. 

R.I.F.F is a life journey and you’re on this rockin journey. Where each track has a message even though you may have missed it cause you’re dancing so hard. As this album is classic dance punk fun. R.I.F.F has highlights such as ‘Hope For The Best’, ‘Shadow Walk’ & ‘Eat You Up’. Each have their own attitude and walk to their own drum beat. 

As a whole DZ Deathrays have never sounded better. Each creating beautiful moments and intertwining with each other effortlessly. 

R.I.F.F has stated that DZ Deathrays are stronger than ever. Writing tracks that can touch people but also get the party started. 

R.I.F.F is their first album being released on their own record label DZ Worldwide. They have even produced a coffee tequila with Groglords called Cafe Deathray to celebrate the new album.