Shout it out loud – review of White Reaper’s “Asking For A Ride”

Author Vickky Lewis - 29.1.2023

All the way from Louisville, Kentucky in USA; the garage punk band White Reaper have released their fourth album “Asking For A Ride”. A snappy album that is pure punk with short, fast and loud tracks that were recorded for a live setting. Mixing in Trash elements, “Asking For A Ride” will take you on a smashing road trip

Opening with the title track “Asking For A Ride ” that goes all guns blazing in a matter of seconds. Hearing the high energy that you would see at their live shows is present in this track. Smashing drums, chromic riffs and raw vocals, each member has their own story to tell – Tony Esposito (vocals & guitar), Hunter Thompson (guitar), Nick Wilkerson (drums), Sam Wilkerson (bass) and Ryan Hater (keys). In true punk fashion you can hear each member go off the charts with solos, loud and progressive riffs and melodies. “Asking For A Ride” is a perfect way to introduce old and new fans into this new era of White Reaper

White Reaper is hitting the go button the whole time. You go from track to track with no breath in between. With catchy choruses, breaks and outros that are classic shout back moments in “Bozo”, “Fog Machine” and “Pink Slip” There is no doubt this album was made for live gigs. You can already hear fans shouting back the lyrics. 

The album still pushes forward where we hit the heaviest track on “Asking For A Ride”, “Funny Farm”. Coming in at 2 minutes, you wish it went for longer. With a heart pumping drum melody carrying the track to new heights as it progresses. Nick (Drums) goes mental on this track. Go hard or go home is the mentality here. While Tony (Vocals & guitar) lets loose with screaming vocals. With lyrics that are short and snappy, it hits right on the money. Once again definitely a mosh pit moment, even a put your windows down in the car moment. Shouting out the catchy lyrics.

We do come down into an alternative track with “Heaven or Not”. A blissful calmer track, a moment of breath. A change of direction in the album that wasn’t asked for but you are glad it’s there. A youthful guitar and bass riff that you sway too. “Heaven or Not” is a relatable track, where you feel connected to it. Looking at the world we are living in today like the track states ‘we are falling to pieces’. Speaking the essence of what Punk is, reflecting on the world. A stand still moment and a highlight. 

“Asking For A Ride” comes to close with the first single of the album “Pages”. Another track where we all relate to, when a relationship comes to an end. The outro depicts this perfectly ‘I tore out all the pages’ sings Tony.  “Pages” sounds like we’ve gone back to the early 2000’s punk era. But I can’t help that “Pages” gives a Blink-182 vibe and I’m not complaining.

White Reaper have come back with a modern punk sound that shows how far they have come as a band since their indie days. They have created their own lane in the punk scene and “Asking For A Ride” shows that.  “Asking For A Ride” is made for their live shows, no doubt about that. I can’t wait to shout these songs back to them.