Its time to put your dancing shoes on – Review of Grave Pleasures “Plagueboys”

Author Vickky Lewis - 9.2.2023

It’s always a pleasure to have Grave Pleasures return to release their long-awaiting third upcoming album “Plagueboys”. This is their first time releasing new music since 2017’s album “Motherblood” and what a blast we are going to have with their latest album “Plagueboys”. 

With bringing their uniqueness of post-punk to the table, mixing in progressive, pop and rock elements. It cooks up a meal of groove and danceable tracks that are non-stop. The glamorous take on post-punk is clear for Grave Pleasures and no one can turn away from them. They will take you on a journey that is hard to get off; once you’re in the train of “Plagueboys” you can’t get off.   

As you hear the electric guitar plug into the amp in the opening track “Disintegration Girl” we know we are about to enter a new era of Grave Pleasures. This era still holds dark melodies and lyrics which we have grown to love however; this time round it’s toned down. The dark twist and turns in tracks are still at present allowing us on this journey of what’s going to come next. Grave Pleasures love to keep on our toes and 

“Plagueboys” is a new direction and each track takes on a life of its own. Each track could be released as their own single. Still keeping their post-punk sound they have incorporated more pop/alternative sounds. While the lyrics and melodies are dark, when they are produced and mixed in harmony it becomes this yin and yang album. The lightness that creates a path for the groovy drums and electrifying guitar is joined with bass vocals that give a warm and echo overlay. When mastered together; disco vibes erupt, try and stop your dancing feet now. 

With the already released single “Society Of Spectres” you can already hear the harmony. With the riff that is on keyboard accompanied by bass you can hear the hum that rips through the track. It’s catchy and the riff becomes the breakdown and what a drop that is. A crowd moment in the making. 

Grave Pleasures new album “Plagueboys” will be released April 21st via Century Media.

Track List

1.Disintegration Girl
2.Heart Like A Slaughterhouse
3.When The Shooting’s Done
4.High On Annihilation
5.Lead Balloons
6.Imminent Collapse
7.Society Of Spectres
8.Conspiracy Of Love
10.Tears On The Camera Lens