David Ellefson’s new project The Lucid released new song “Damned”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 24.9.2021

David Ellefson, who was fired from Megadeth in May, recently teased his fans with a new project called The Lucid. Ellefson’s new band released its debut track in September.

Now the project has another new track out, titled “Damned“.

Ellefson is joined by Vinnie Dombroski from Sponge, Mike Heller from Fear Factory and Drew Fortier from Zen From Mars.

The debut album, named after the band, will be released on 15 October via SpoilerHead Records.

“It’s been a real blast making a record with these guys and I must say that it’s refreshing to explore some new musical avenues… to step out a bit from what each of us have done stylistically in our own careers. There was an effortless synergy that came with creating these songs together which is always amazing when working with new people. I’m looking forward to everyone checking it out!”, Ellefson says.

Ellefson was fired from Megadeth due to claims of sexual harassment and predatory behavior. Ellefson had been chatting with a young girl, and the two also had some sexual video calls. However, despite the claims, the girl was not underage.

Megadeth prepare for their new album as well. The album recently entered to the mixing stage, and more information is due soon.