Dieth release new single with David Ellefson’s first ever lead vocal performance

Author Flavia Andrade - 31.5.2023

Dieth, featuring bassist David Ellefson, guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda and drummer Michał Łysejko, will release their debut full-length, “To Hell And Back”, on June 2, via Napalm Records.

The band has released their new single featuring bassist David Ellefson’s first ever solo lead vocal performance of his career, “Walk With Me Forever“. The ballad holds very special meaning on this US Memorial Day week, as it explores the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on.

The track’s accompanying music video shows David Ellefson narrating a story of love and loss, directed by Oskar Szramka and starring notable Polish actors Jan Napieralski and Agnieszka Goździewicz.

In Ellefson’s words:

We’ve all experienced loss and grief at some point in our life, and this song expresses that feeling as well as the gratitude we find when accepting, letting go and carrying the beauty of that person’s life with us as we move on.

You can watch the music video below: