What would David Ellefson say to Dave Mustaine? – the bassist replies: “I’m sad that things went down the way they did”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 17.8.2022

David Ellefson, long-time bass player in Megadeth, was fired from the band in 2021 over grooming allegations. However, the girl with whom Ellefson had conversations and sexual video calls turned out to be of legal age. However, he had already been fired, and Ellefson was eventually replaced by James LoMenzo.

Now, in a recent interview on the Mike Nelson Show, Ellefson was asked a little about his feelings on the break-up. The interviewer asked Ellefson what he would say to Dave Mustaine if the duo saw each other now.

Ellefson replied:

“I’m sad that things went down the way they did because I don’t think they had to. I knew that everything was fine. And it was a scary moment there for a second, but I knew it was okay. Just over time, our lives just take different directions, and that doesn’t mean you can’t be in a band together ’cause you’ve got different lives. But at the same time, again, things just… I guess they just needed to come apart for this next season of life. And we’ve been here before where things came apart and then they came back together and they came apart. Maybe this is just how it is. Me and Dave are brothers from another mother; I mean, we just are. It’s kind of ironic our names are both Dave; brothers aren’t usually named the same. But, you know, there is a weird thing.”