Vltimas unveils new single “Scorcher” along with visualizer

Author Hernan Osuna - 17.1.2024

Blackened death metal outfit Vltimas have shared the second single, “Scorcher“, from their forthcoming album “Epic”. The LP is out on March 15 via Season of Mist.

“‘Scorcher’ brings to life a fantastic story of the great purge that’s coming our way“, comments vocalist David Vincent (ex Morbid Angel). “Humanity has been sleepwalking toward this reckoning for centuries. There will be no refuge, nor mercy granted”.

“Epic” was recorded by producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Grave Miasma) with engineer Jonathan Mazzeo (First Fragment, Sickening) at Arda Recorders in Porto, Portugal. Vltimas tracked the album throughout May 2023.

Pre-order the album here.

01-Volens Discordant (1:02)
02-Epic (4:35)
03-Miserere (3:51)
04-Exercitus Irae (4:01)
05-Mephisto Manifesto (05:05)
06-Scorcher (03:21)
07-Invictus (5:30)
08-Nature’s Fangs (3:52)
09-Spoils of War (5:54)