“EPIC” new release from Vltimas

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 5.2.2024

Vltimas‘ latest release, titled “Epic,” perfectly encapsulates the music featured on the super group’s second full-length album.

Nearly five years after their debut, the band effortlessly channels their countless years of experience and musical maturity to seamlessly blend various elements of extreme metal with remarkable finesse. This collaboration gives birth to a musical masterpiece where Flo Mounier adopts a more nuanced approach, stepping away from his signature machine gun drumming. David Vincent, renowned for his iconic voice, delivers solemn and catchy anthems like the title track ‘Epic’, ‘Mephisto Manifesto’, and ‘Miserere’, where the catchy choruses have you unconsciously singing along.

Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen contributes to the album’s haunting atmosphere with his riffs, creating a harmonious blend of diverse extreme metal influences. The overall experience resembles a sinusoidal journey, where the members occasionally find compromises but also unleash brutal musical devastation, each showcasing their individual strengths. The listener is treated to Mounier’s relentless blast beats, David Vincent’s Pantheon-level black metal vocals, and Blasphemer’s distinctive tremolo black/thrash riffs.

The production quality serves as the cherry on top, solidifying the album’s epic status. The sound is raw yet clear, allowing the listener to discern so much as the scratching of guitar picks against the strings. It’s a masterclass in extreme metal production, completing the immersive experience offered by this album.