“I have always tried to be very clear and articulate with my vocals” – I Am Morbid’s David Vincent reveals his story as a metal vocalist 

Author Arto Mäenpää - 24.8.2023

In the realm of extreme metal, few figures have left an imprint as profound as David Vincent, the former frontman of death metal legends Morbid Angel. With a vocal prowess that seamlessly intertwined guttural growls with eerie melodic elements, Vincent’s presence became synonymous with the very essence of death metal. With Vincent at the helm, Morbid Angel achieved iconic status, pushing the boundaries of extreme music and carving a path for countless aspiring artists.

After leaving Morbid Angel for the second time in 2015 David Vincent has been touring the world with his new bands Vltimas and I Am Morbid and Chaoszine sat down with the death metal legend after I Am Morbid’s show at Hellsinki Metal Festival in Helsinki, Finland on August 12th to discuss in depth about his story as a metal frontman. You can check out the latest episode to the metal frontman video series below:

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You can check out the debut album from Vltimas entitled “Something Wicked Marches In” below: