Greek black metal legends Rotting Christ to release new album in May

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.1.2024

Rotting Christ, the Greek black metal ensemble, is set to unveil their upcoming album, “Pro Xristoy,” slated for release on May 24th through Season Of Mist. The title of this fourteenth studio offering by the band, when translated, means ‘before Christ.’

Sakis Tolis, the vocalist and guitarist of Rotting Christ, sheds light on the inspiration behind the album, stating:

“This album was inspired by the might of ancient pagan wisdom. It’s a tribute to those who resisted the coming of Christianity, which destroyed all the values, traditions, and knowledge of the ancient world.”

Here is the track listing for “Pro Xristoy”:

  1. Pro Xristoy
  2. The Apostate
  3. Like Father, Like Son
  4. The Sixth Day
  5. La Lettera Del Diavolo
  6. The Farewell
  7. Pix Lax Dax
  8. Pretty World, Pretty Dies
  9. Yggdrasil
  10. Saoirse
  11. Primal Resurrection (bonus track)
  12. All For One (bonus track)

Fans can anticipate pre-orders and the release of the first single from the album in the coming weeks.