Crashdïet: Single release with former frontman Simon Cruz and joys of fatherhood

Author Stefanie Nysand - 16.5.2023

The Swedish glam sleaze rockers Crashdïet have released a short clip, teasing a new single called “Sick Mind” which will be released this Friday (19 May 2023). The special thing about the new single is that it is not a new song, but an older one, more precisely from the era with Simon Cruz as the vocalist of the Stockholm-based quartet. So far, “Sick Mind” was only available as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Crashdïet‘s third studio album “Generation Wild”:

“A remix of the old Japanese bonus track Sick Mind is finally coming to a streaming service near you. Have you ever heard it before?” – Crashdïet

It remains to be seen whether further announcements will follow with the release of “Sick Mind” which can be pre-saved here.

After the band’s founder Dave Lepard and H. Olliver Twisted (a.k.a. Olli Herman, frontman of the Finnish merry metallers Reckless Love), Simon Cruz was the third frontman of Crashdïet from 2009 to 2015. In 2015, Simon Cruz left Crashdïet in the midst of a tour in Japan, “with no notice whatsoever”, according to the remaining band members of Crashdïet. In 2017, the current vocalist Gabriel Keyes was presented as the successor to Simon Cruz.

While until now only the frontmen have been replaced – apart from the original line-up from 2000 to 2002 -, current Crashdïet live shows feature only one longtime band member, namely guitarist Martin Sweet, on stage.

In April 2022, Crashdïet drummer Eric Young announced that he would be stepping down from his duties as a live drummer:

“Dear people in Crashdiet-land, I have decided to step aside from my duties as live-drummer in Crashdiet. For how long, only time can tell. My reasons for stepping down are personal, and I need to focus on my own well being for a while.” – Eric Young

The other three band members Peter London, Martin Sweet and Gabriel Keyes added that they “of course support Eric’s decision and wish him all the best”:

“He’s our brother and we love him.” – Crashdïet

Martin Sweet added later on:

“He has his own career. He goes on tour with bigger bands. Not as a drummer, but as a technician. So he has loads of work.” – Martin Sweet

Martin Sweet went on to say that the touring plans started to overlap.

In the meantime, also bass player Peter London started to be absent from Crashdïet‘s live shows. After several performances had to be cancelled in 2022, due to Peter London facing health problems, he gave an update on his state of health in February 2023:

“Hi everybody :) I feel it’s my duty to give you all an update on my health issues. I have been on a full-time sick leave since June last year due to burnout. And recovery has gone slower than expected. At this time, bringing me on tour in this shape would be too big of a risk for all parts, but I really want the show to go on […] I am optimistic about coming back as soon as my health will allow it. Thank you all for understanding! Much love, Peter London” – Peter London

Peter London has meanwhile relocated from Stockholm to Sölvesborg where he is expecting his first child with his girlfriend, the Swedish politician Louise Erixon. Already at the beginning of March 2023, Louise Erixon shared a sonogram of the child on her facebook profile:

The joys of fatherhood seem to be on the horizon also for Gabriel Keyes. At least the lady, who is according to Gabriel Keyes’ facebook profile his girlfriend, sported a baby bump in March 2023 on her facebook profile.