Crashdïet announce new singer and new drummer

Author Stefanie Nysand - 20.2.2024

People had been wondering for a long time what was going on in the Crashdïet camp after several shows had to be cancelled and most of the band members had gradually withdrawn from the band’s activities. The withdrawals began in April 2022 when drummer Eric Young stepped down from his live duties, initially citing the need to “focus on my own well being for a while” as a reason. Guitarist Martin Sweet, who is the only longtime band member at current Crashdïet live shows, revealed later on that Eric Young had “his own career”, going on tour with bigger bands as a technician. Only a few months later, also bass player Peter London performed his so far last gig with the band. Also here, health issues were given as a reason, which Peter London himself had confirmed, but he was also expecting his first child with his girlfriend, the Swedish politician Louise Erixon. At the beginning of September 2023, Crashdïet postponed their Finland tour at short notice. While a facebook post by Crashdïet mentioned “health related reasons”, frontman Gabriel Keyes only spoke of “things in life which come in an unexpected way and demand your full attention” and that he had decided to “take a break from touring for a while”. The former might have referred to the fact that also Gabriel Keyes was enjoying the joys of fatherhood.

Now, Crashdïet announce John Elliot from the Swedish hard rock band Confess as their new frontman:

“The time has come to enter the next chapter in the CRASHDÏET book of madness. After much soul-searching, Gabriel has decided to leave the band to focus on other things in life. We are shaken by his decision, but we respectfully wish him all the best in his future endeavors and thank him for the years he worked with us and his contribution to the last two studio albums. Taking over the vocal duties will be none other than John Elliot. A good friend and excellent singer from the band Confess! He has the drive and the hunger to lead us into a promising future.”

– Crashdïet

Gabriel Keyes comments on his exit as follows:

“After six remarkable years with CRASHDÏET I find myself at the end of this path, times change and it’s time for me to change direction towards new challenges. I wanna thank all of you for the love, support, and memories that will forever be kept in the chamber of my pounding heart. I Love u all. Goodbyes are never easy, especially this one. A big thanks to my brothers in Crashdiet for this crazy and wonderful ride! We’ve shared a lot of great moments and some not as great as well (Hehe) and I will always be grateful that you gave me this opportunity. I can assure you that the band will continue to deliver kick-ass shows and release great tunes! Especially with John Elliot behind the mic! Give him a well-deserved welcome and give the guys the support they need through these times of change! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Gabriel Keyes

After Dave Lepard, H. Olliver Twisted (a.k.a. Olli Herman, frontman of the Finnish merry metallers Reckless Love and the Finnish rock band Popeda), Simon Cruz and Gabriel Keyes, John Elliot is the fifth frontman of Crashdïet. When Crashdïet released an old bonus track from the era with Simon Cruz as their frontman as a single in May 2023, it temporarily fueled speculation that Simon Cruz could return to the Swedish glam sleaze rockers.

After almost two years, Crashdïet also put an end to the speculation about the position of the drummer:

“We also welcome Martin’s brother, Michael, as the band’s permanent drummer! He has stepped in for Eric on countless shows since 2011 and is a natural fit for us.”

– Crashdïet

Although Eric Young initially only stepped down from his live duties, he was not part of the music videos that were released shortly before and after his statement either, namely “Together Whatever” and “Powerline“. Already in the music video for “Together Whatever“, which was released shortly before the statement of Eric Young, Michael Sweet was sitting behind the drums.

To the delight of many Crashdïet fans, there is also a return to report:

“Now that Peter is back and full of energy, we can proudly announce the lineup of CRASHDÏET in 2024: John Elliot, Martin Sweet, Peter London, Michael Sweet. See you on the long and winding road!”

– Crashdïet