Crashdïet: Drummer Eric Young comments on his exit

Author Stefanie Nysand - 24.2.2024

Four days ago, Crashdïet announced a new singer and a new drummer. While the announcement was accompanied by statements from both Crashdïet and their departing frontman Gabriel Keyes, the departing drummer Eric Young did not seem to have a say. In the meantime, Eric Young has published an own statement on his private Facebook profile:

“Hi everyone! I just want to say a few words about me leaving Crashdiet. As many already know, I took a pause from the band back in 2022, and it has become clear to me that Crashdiet is a chapter of my life I would like to keep in the past. The 20 years I spent in the band surely was an amazing ride around the world and I have had so much fun as I got to do things I only dreamt of as a kid wanting to play music…. So to all the fans who I met through out the years, I can’t thank you enough for the support and love. Really.. thank you!! I wish the boys all the best and I’m sure they have the best yet to come! Yours truly, Eric” – Eric Young

After Tom Bones, Eric Young was the second drummer in Crashdïet.