Photo Credit: Valentina Fellina

Crashdïet: Eric Young steps down from his duties as a live drummer; former Hanoi Rocks drummer Lacu substitutes

Author Stefanie Nysand - 13.4.2022

Exciting times for Crashdïet: Just last week, the Swedish glam sleaze rockers released the music video for “Together Whatever“, the second single from their upcoming 6th studio album “Automaton” after “No Man’s Land“. Observant viewers noticed that someone else than Eric Young is sitting behind the drum kit. At first, no comments were made. Instead, making-of photos from the video shoot for the third single “Powerline” were shared. Now, an official statement has been published:

“Dear people in Crashdiet-land, I have decided to step aside from my duties as live-drummer in Crashdiet. For how long, only time can tell. My reasons for stepping down are personal, and I need to focus on my own well being for a while. Our good friend Lacu (ex Hanoi Rocks), will be taking over and performing on the upcoming tours booked for this year. Love, Eric Young”

– Eric Young

The other three band members Peter London, Martin Sweet and Gabriel Keyes add:

“We of course support Eric’s decision and wish him all the best. He’s our brother and we love him. Lacu will be in the music video for our next single ‘Powerline’ which comes out on album release date April 29th! The million dollar-question is: who played drums in ‘Together whatever’?”

– Crashdïet

Why Eric Young is not seen in the music videos for “Together Whatever” and “Powerline” when he is actually only taking a break from his activities as a live drummer is currently unknown.

Kari Lahtinen a.k.a. Lacu is welcomed by the band with the following words:

“We’re excited to bring in some Finnish rythms into the band! Lacu (Ex Hanoi Rocks) will be our live-drummer on the upcoming live dates. He played for Hanoi Rocks for 6 years and is also drumming for Finnish legends Popeda. The european tour kicks off May 4th in Sweden!”

– Crashdïet

The dates of Crashdïet‘s upcoming European tour with Shiraz Lane can be seen here. Tickets and further information can be found on Crashdïet‘s website.

“Automaton” will be released on 29 April 2022 via Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records and can already be pre-ordered in various formats via the band’s own record label Dïet Records. A release of “Automaton” on vinyl will follow later, in September 2022, given the worldwide vinyl shortage. The original release date of “Automaton” (18 March 2022) had to be postponed at short notice, due to “a number of recent setbacks”.

“Automaton” will be the second Crashdïet album with Gabriel Keyes as the vocalist of the Stockholm-based quartet. Crashdïet‘s first album with Gabriel Keyes, “Rust”, was released in 2019. After Dave Lepard, H. Olliver Twisted (a.k.a. Olli Herman, frontman of the Finnish merry metallers Reckless Love) and Simon Cruz, Gabriel Keyes is the fourth frontman of Crashdïet. The music video for “Together Whatever” pays tribute to all previous singers, featuring archive material from the different eras of the band’s history.