Photo Credit: Julien Zannoni

BlackRain: New album out, lyric video for “Raise Your Glass” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 25.11.2022

Today is the day that BlackRain‘s 7th studio album “Untamed” will be released via SPV / Steamhammer. In honour of the occasion, the French sleaze rockers have also released a new single, entitled “Raise Your Glass“, along with a lyric video. You can check out the video below:

After “Untamed“, “Summer Jesus“, “Neon Drift” and “Demon“, “Raise Your Glass” is the fifth single from “Untamed”. No one less than Kissin’ Dynamite vocalist Hannes Braun was in charge of the album’s production:

“Would have been fun to tease you even more but the time has come to let it all go, So here it is, our new album ‘Untamed’, we are very proud of what we’ve done here, the songs, the sound, and once again very thankful for the mix Hannes Braun has given us, it really brings the tracks up to light and the band to another level. We released 5 singles, but we do believe the album contains more quality tracks that could as well been picked as singles, songs like ‘Kiss the sky’, ‘All the darkness’ or ‘Blade of love’ definately deserve your attention, we would have turned those into videos too if we could but we didnt have enough time nore budget for it, and that would have been too much teasing anyway”

– BlackRain

On their new single “Raise Your Glass“, BlackRain frontman Swan Hellion comments as follows:

“‘Raise your glass’ […] is a good example of that heavier, aggressive side we got on the album, and also the very first song Hannes Braun mixed for BlackRain.”

– Swan Hellion