Photo Credit: Julien Zannoni

BlackRain: Music video for “Nobody But You” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 22.3.2024

The French sleaze rockers BlackRain have released a new single, entitled “Nobody But You“, along with a music video. You can check out the video below:

The music video was directed by BlackRain bassist Matthieu de la Roche.

After “Revolution“, “Nobody But You” is the second single from BlackRain‘s upcoming 8th studio album “Hot Rock Time Machine” which will be released on 12 April 2024 via Single Bel and can be pre-ordered here. Like “Revolution” and all the other tracks on “Hot Rock Time Machine”, “Nobody But You” is a new version of their song of the same name which was first released on their 2013 album “It Begins”:

“How many times have you heard : « Hard Rock bands make the best ballads »? well, this was exactly what we intended to do 10 years ago with « Nobody but You » but things didn’t really go the way we wanted, instead, a whole bunch of songs went down the oblivion and we just focused on the future leaving 2 albums behind, lost in the past. This song has probably been the main motivation for us to achieve this whole re-recording process, as we still see a huge untapped potential in there, we feel like « Nobody But You » got what it takes to « compete » next to the biggest of its kind, « Sweet child o’mine », « Still loving you »… well, with BlackRain we got our power ballads package, « No Forever » « All Angels Have Gone » « One Last Prayer », but this one clearly stands out. The arrangements made back then, with our team during the initial recording were surely the right ones, it’s about minor changes here, but the new drums, the new vocals combined with @hannesbraun mixing make it feels like a whole world between this new version and the old one… To summarize, we hope all of you will LOVE this so much that you’ll just push that « repeat » button over and over! Go get your GF, or BF or wife or husband or whatever inbetween and make love, not war, thanks!” – BlackRain