Photo Credit: Julien Zannoni

BlackRain announce line-up change

Author Stefanie Nysand - 6.1.2023

The French sleaze rockers BlackRain have announced a change in their line-up. The change takes place behind the drums. Frank Frusetta leaves, and Franky Costanza takes his place behind the drum set:

“From one Frank to another. It is with a heavy heart that we start this year by announcing the departure of our drummer Frank. After 12 years of adventure, Frank is forced to leave the group for personal reasons. He simply neither have the time nor the availability to go on. He will therefore not be with us on the upcoming concerts and on the album that we are preparing. Frank was the one who solidified BlackRain on stage by providing him with an unrelenting foundation. His rhythmic ideas are also for many of the success of the titles of the 5 albums that we recorded together. He became a brother during these years. A brother does not replace himself, he remains our brother and his aura will always lurk around the group. The road is long, our paths simply diverge.”

– BlackRain

Frank Frusetta’s successor, Franky Costanza, is welcomed by BlackRain with the following words:

“We welcome Franky Costanza as drummer. Many of you know the man who could be called the French Tommy Lee, an outstanding showman and a strong and acrobatic drummer. So we can’t wait to show you on stage and on album what this new version of BlackRain will give. There is no doubt that Franky will bring a new leg to the group. Welcome Mr. Costanza!”

– BlackRain

If you missed the latest single release from BlackRain, “Raise Your Glass“, you can check out its lyric video below: