Photo Credit: Julien Zannoni

BlackRain: Lyric video for “Revolution” released, album on the way

Author Stefanie Nysand - 25.2.2024

The French sleaze rockers BlackRain have released a new single, entitled “Revolution“, along with a lyric video. You can check out the video below:

Revolution” is the first single from BlackRain‘s upcoming 8th studio album “Hot Rock Time Machine” which will be released on 12 April 2024 via Single Bel. Fans of BlackRain will have realised that “Revolution” is a new version of their song “Re-evolution – New Generation“. BlackRain explain why both “Revolution” and the other tracks on “Hot Rock Time Machine” are new versions of old songs as follows:

“SO…! Did you see that one coming?? Out now everywhere, Revolution is the first single from the upcoming album « Hot Rock Time Machine » to be released 12th April 2024. This album is made of 5 tracks from « Lethal dose of » (2011) and 5 tracks from « It begins »(2013), a « best of » you could say but no, not really, let’s explain in details: Due to a constant demand through the years, we had to find a solution to bring those albums up on streaming platforms, in this case, to be fair it’s more like a compromise, but a highly interesting one, to avoid any kind of copyright or contract issues we had to re-record from scratch the tracks in question. We couldn’t re-record everything, too much time, work and also, we know by experience that you can never completely re-capture the wild and magic touch of a long gone moment. So we picked the songs in function of their potential and of what we would have liked to do differently back then, a different arrangement, a different tempo, a different tunning, some changes are obvious, some changes, for some, won’t even be detected. At least, everybody will hear the difference in the production since our good and talented friend Hannes Braun once again worked his magic mixing the music, probably also the reason that from trying to upload old tracks on internet we ended up making something you can call « a brand new album ». We are confident we will manage sooner or later to get the original records available for streaming, for the die hard nostalgic fans, but until then, this sounds like a damn cool treat. We hope you guys will enjoy this, it’s a huge help if you can save Revolution in your playlists, watch the lyrics video, share it on social medias and spin it as much as you can!”

– BlackRain

“Hot Rock Time Machine” can already be pre-ordered here. Also the album cover and the album’s tracklist have already been revealed:

“Here is the artwork for ‘Hot Rock Time Machine’. Made by the awesome Megan Mushi, one thing for sure, that dude will never be replaced by the A.I !!”

– BlackRain

01 Overloaded
02 Baby Shot Me Down
03 Wild, Wild, Wild
04 She’s In Love
05 Nobody But You
06 Dancing On Fire
07 Young Blood
08 Shining Down On You
09 Revolution
10 Dead Boy

BlackRain say about the tracklist that “it can never satisfy all of you, we know, but that’s still better than nothing at all, right?!”. Furthermore, the quartet confirms that also completely new material is already in the making:

“More announcements to come soon. Please note, the band has been focusing at the same time on writing new material, in fact, we will soon have enough songs to make a next album!!”

– BlackRain