No fillers, just killers – review of “Back With A Bang!” by Kissin’ Dynamite

Author Päivi Närvänen - 4.7.2024

German stadium rockers a.k.a. Kissin’ Dynamite is back with their new, full-length album “Back With A Bang!”. The album is out July 5, 2024, via Napalm Records. “Back With A Bang” includes 12 tracks, and all the titles sounded good to me. Somehow the band wasn’t familiar to me before, so I was quite surprised, when I learned that this is already their eighth album.

During the spring, we have heard three singles from the new album: “Raise Your Glass”, “My Monster” and “The Devil Is A Woman”. Of these, especially “Raise Your Glass” caught my attention. Every single track has also a music video, and you can check them from the end of this review.

“Back With A Bang!” starts with the title track and tells right away what this album is made of. You must listen “My Monster” only once, and the chorus is stuck permanently in your head. “Raise Your Glass” is a story about nostalgia and youthful dreams, so I believe many bands could identify with the lyrics. “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “I Do It My Way” are both a little bit slower songs, and I think they bring nice variety in the middle of the album.

More Is More” is pure stadium rock anthem, and it shows us what Kissin’ Dynamite is all about. Frontman Hannes Braun have amazing vocal skills and he shows it in every song, particularly in “Learn To Fly”. The last song in the album is beautiful, fully unplugged “Not A Wise Man”, which includes only vocals, acoustic guitars and cajon.

“Back With A Bang!” is an album that lives up to its name. Kissin’ Dynamite recorded the album all by themselves and nothing is programmed. It is consistent quality from start to finish – pure 80s stadium rock that always works at least for me. The album gets only better and better every time you listen to it.

I personally just love 80s style of hard rock, and I’m wondering why I haven’t noticed Kissin’ Dynamite before. Luckily, I found them now, and I think I have now new favourite band in my list. “Back With A Bang!” – you have to bang it out loud!


  1. Back With A Bang
  2. My Monster
  3. Raise Your Glass
  4. Queen Of The Night
  5. The Devil Is A Woman
  6. The Best Is Yet To Come
  7. I Do It My Way
  8. More Is More
  9. Iconic
  10. Learn To Fly
  11. When The Lights Go Out
  12. Not A Wise Man