Photo credit: Juha Mustonen

Ville Valo shares his say on a HIM reunion: “Never Say Never”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 27.11.2022

How many people remember the desperate but intense Farewell Tour 2017? Well, during an interview at The James McMahon Music Podcast, Ville Valo, historic frontman of HIM, and now a soloist, spoke about the possibility of a reunion with the band. This is what he shared:

Never say never, I’d say. HIM was so much more than just a band to me. I met Migé [Mikko Paananen], the bass player, when I was about 12. I met Linde [Mikko Lindström], the guitar player, when I was maybe 13 or 14. So we grew up together and went through so many different phases in our lives anyway together, with HIM providing the soundtrack for it and the focus or being the focal point. And it’s so much more than about just monetary things.

– Ville Valo

Then, Ville proceeds, and talks about the end of HIM too:

It wasn’t necessarily fizzling out, but we had definitely lost the spark regarding creating new music. We tried to work it out, but it didn’t sound good. It started to feel like a day job, and when it starts to feel like that, it’s definitely time to end it, in the world of rock and roll, I think. Or in our world of rock and roll. So I cannot tell you whether we’re gonna feel like that in the future. I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t wanna do it right now. It’s not something I will think about constantly, or ever, to be honest with you.

– Ville Valo

It seems that the doors are still open to unexpected projects, even if time had closed the HIM chapter as we knew it. But, have you listened to the new Ville Valo‘song “The Foreverlost”? You can do it right here!