VV’s “Neon Noir” stops at the sold out Haus Auensee in Leipzig, Germany, supported by Zetra

Author Christine Heinrich - 8.5.2024

On a warm Friday evening in May 2024, a long line of fans forms outside the Haus Auensee in Leipzig. Patiently, everyone waits for entry, yet there is an anticipation in the air for what is coming: VV. Everyone can hardly wait to listen to the voice of the charismatic Finnish treasure Ville Valo, because the end of HIM has been far too long ago by now. And how the wait has paid off!

At 8 o’clock, the guys from Zetra enter the stage. Still relatively unknown here…this should definitely change soon as the support act for VV…and they absolutely deserve it! The duo from London is a magnificent mystery that leaves one speechless…enchanted, with shivers and a longing for more! Much more!

What a support act! Musically, Zetra, equipped only with synthesizers, guitar and drum machine, offers excellent New Wave Music combined with heavier sounds. Wonderfully new yet wonderfully familiar, memories of “good old times” emerge when Gothic rose from the underground and conquered the world.

“Feel my hunger, Bless my soul, Do you believe enough?”

On September 13, 2024, the duo will release their debut album “Zetra” on Nuclear Blast. Don’t forget to mark that date on your calendar!

Setlist Zetra:
Beauty Has Her Way
Sacred Song
The Angel Cries
Call of the Void

And then the moment has come! The lights dim in the sold-out hall and the first notes of the melancholic and beautiful instrumental song “Zener Solitaire” begin to play… the Heartagram, now supplemented by a “V,” starts to shine. A cheerful Ville Valo, stunning as ever, enters the stage with a smile and a loud audience welcomes him warmly, roaring and ecstatic. What must it feel like for him? 3,600 people who have been waiting for him and can’t wait for him to start the first song of the evening: “Neon Noir”. That stunning voice, that hypnotic charisma – the audience hangs on his every word and follows him through the song selection of the evening.

The setlist is a successful mix of old songs of HIM and new ones from the pen of the founder of “Love Metal.” A little bit of HIM echoes through the new songs here and there, yet it’s 100% VV. The Finnish exceptional talent does what he loves and loves what he does: beyond beautiful songwriting, enchanting melodies packed with romance, melancholy, a touch of world-weariness and a whole lot of emotion!

Thus, HIM classics like “Right Here In My Arms”, “Wings Of A Butterfly”, “Buried Alive By Love”, and “The Funeral Of Hearts” have found their way onto the set list. Of course, the distinctive and beloved “Join Me In Death” must not be missing this evening. From the impressive new album, released last year, Ville Valo presents almost all the songs live – only “Vertigo Eyes” remains exclusive to the album listeners.

And you can tell that the audience has missed the outstanding artist with the haunting and mesmerizing voice. They know the songs by heart and celebrate every single one. As the temperature rises in the crowded hall, so does the mood. Every song is celebrated and enjoyed.

After an hour and a half, it’s hard to say goodbye… the reunion was too beautiful, reminiscing about old times and celebrating the new outstanding songs… and towards the end, the star of the evening gets a little chatty.

„Come love me ’til it hurts, Dance the neon noir with me, Come love me“

Setlist VV:
Zener Solitaire
Neon Noir
Right Here In My Arms
Run Away From The Sun
Wings Of A Butterfly
Salute The Sanguine
The Kiss Of Dawn
Buried Alive By Love
Heartful Of Ghosts
Join Me In Death
Echolocate Your Love
The Funeral Of Hearts
The Foreverlost
Poison Girl
Saturnine Saturnalia

Gone With The Sin
In Trenodia
Killing Loneliness
Baby Lacrimarium
When Love And Death Embrace