This is Endeavour – Review of debut album “For The Time Being”

Author Vickky Lewis - 28.6.2023

The Dutch metalcore band Endeavour have released their debut album “For The Time Being”. Since first dropping their debut single “127” in 2020, Endeavour have been proving to us that they are a band on the raise. “For The Time Being” contains singles such as “Colorblnd”, and “Black Box” which are metalcore gold. Taking influences from Northlane, Bad Omens and Sleep Token. You can hear the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into their debut album. Pulling elements from their influences and put their own spin on it. 

For now, their debut album “For The Time Being” is very much what the album name is. It contains more than half of already released singles over the past three years plus unreleased tracks. Giving us a full insight of who the band is and what they are becoming. Endeavour are laying out all the bells and whistles of metalcore. While still sending mixed signals of being dynamic and gentle. It’s a balance that they have pulled off in tracks such as “Colourblind” which leads into heartfelt “Sober”. 

Gijs Smeets (Vocals) proves to us he had the vocal range of clean and scream. The gentleness of the vocals in the moments where the track are more gloomy are just heaven. It’s dark, it’s soft while keeping the deep passionate meaning of the tracks at its core. The entry of the emotional charged scream is heaviness that pulls you in and spits you out. Drums, bass and guitar seem to balance each other and create entries that harmonise with the vocals to cut deep in the heartstrings. Everyone has a role to play in getting the story and they play their part well. 

“For The Time Being” is a up, down emotional charged debut album. Endeavour are band you should get behind now as they are sure enough going to be spreading their wings across the globe.