Rough Justice’s Faith In Vain is refreshing hardcore

Author Vickky Lewis - 12.1.2024

Rough Justice from Sheffield, UK have released their debut album “Faith In Vain”. The hardcore five piece band have pathed a moment in time for themselves that prove they are the ones to watch in hardcore. With Malevolence as mates it’s no doubt they have picked up their magic flare along the way. While still putting their own dynamic spin on it. Rough Justice have also signed to their label MLVLTD MUSIC. 

“Faith In Vain” seems to be an album that is a mixed bag of heavy metal. With Hardcore at its helm, it has pulled elements from all over the heavy metal genre. Firefly guitar sequences, dense drumming and a calm progressive instrumental moment on the track ‘Rusting’. A lovely surprise inside this hardcore album that came unexpectedly. This gives the listener a moment of breath. In a way this does give “Faith In Vain” a two part album feel. 

For Rough Justice this shows how well they can produce an album. With tracks that explore guilt, tension and violence. This two part journey type feel allows the message to be translated effectively and efficiently. Proving to fans that Faith In Vain is not your everyday hardcore album. It’s has a purpose to tell these messages in a unique way. It’s refreshing.

Rough Justice do have a few tricks up their sleeve which could lead them to creating their own hardcore genre.