Zuko shares video for “Venom”

Author Hernan Osuna - 22.12.2023

Australian metalcore-hardcore outfit Zuko has released a new song called “Venom” with its accompanying music video. Watch the clip below.

The video was shot by Dalton Collis and the song was mixed and mastered by Sean Delander and Dan Field at Sledgehammer Studios.

The group states: “‘Venom’ is about toxicity, Dealing with toxic people and being pushed to your breaking point. Unfortunately everyone at some stage of their life will have someone around them who falls into that category whether it’s a partner, family, neighbour or coworker. ‘Venom’ is an energetic cathartic release of that breaking point. The song has a fun bouncy groove to it while letting alot of hatred and negative feelings out showcasing an equilibrium of emotions“.