Rammstein’s Richard Kruspe does not see Ghost as a stadium band

Author Samuel Järvinen - 18.11.2021

Richard Kruspe, guitarist of German metal giants Rammstein, recently gave an interview to Summa Inferno. During the interview, Kruspe laments how rock music has lost all rebellion, and how stadium bands face a bleak future.

“Rock music used to be music that we would all rebel against our parents. I remember when I was small, I was cranking up the rock music and my parents would come in and say, ‘Can you put it down?'”, Kruspe says and continues:

“Nowadays, when my kids play rock music, I come and say, ‘Can you make it louder?’ So the rebellion in rock music is over.”

In Kruspe’s opinion, there is little demand for rock or metal from stadium bands. When an interviewer talks about the successful stadium tours of Metallica and Rammstein, Kruspe simply says that both bands are already dinosaurs.

The interviewer mentions Ghost as a recent example of stadium-class, to which Kruspe says the following:

“Yeah but it’s not a stadium band. Talking about huge stadium bands that can play in a stadium. They’re getting less and less and less, and certainly, they will die out.”

You can view Chaoszine’s interview with Kruspe here.