Police raid Marilyn Manson’s home in West Hollywood

Author Samuel Järvinen - 30.11.2021

According to gossip magazine TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department sent its Special Victims Unit to raid the West Hollywood home of shock rock artist Marilyn Manson on 29th of November.

The Special Victims Unit usually focuses on sex crimes or cases where the victims require special sensitivity, such as the elderly and disabled. However, Manson was not at home, so the police broke in.

According to Rolling Stone, the police had a search warrant, which is linked to one of the many charges against Manson.

Marilyn Manson has been accused of a wide range of gruesome charges, from harassment and emotional abuse in relationships to rape. Numerous women have come forward with their own experiences, but Manson himself denies the allegations.

Rolling Stone recently published an extensive article on the allegations against Manson.