Mister Misery: Update on frontman Harley Vendetta’s health

Author Stefanie Nysand - 7.7.2023

Two weeks ago, Mister Misery had to cancel their gig at Gravefest 2023 at short notice, due to “severe illness”. There was also talk of “awaiting more information from the hospital”. Now, it has been revealed that it is frontman Harley Vendetta who is struggling with health problems:

“Hello friends! 8 days ago on midsummers eve’ I was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain. I’ve suffered since 2021 from a disease that comes and goes whenever it feels like it and I’ve had success in keeping it at bay for most of my time out on the road with the band, however after suffering more than usual since the 3:rd of June I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve now been hospitalized for 8 days and I’m not sure when I’m getting out of here. I’ve been given biological medicine to battle this but it’s not certain that it has helped and it’s too soon to say if it will have any effect at all. There’s a risk that I might have to undergo a very life changing surgery in the near future that will alter my life in a drastic way. But that remains to be seen. My family and friends, girlfriend and my band mates have been at my side everyday and the doctors are the absolute best in the business here. I felt like you all deserved an update on why we had to cancel our last show. With all this being said, my life is no longer in a critical condition and I’m not going to die anymore from this. In the coming days I’ll have more clear information about what the next steps are for me and how we will proceed with either treatment or surgery. I just want to make it clear that I might not regularly update you on my progress and I hope you respect my choice to keep the details on my situation between my family and my band.” – Harley Vendetta

In the same statement, the frontman of the horror metal quartet from Sweden’s capital Stockholm assures his fans that he won’t let his disease stop him from continuing to make music:

“[…] I’m still super passionate about making and playing music live and we are working on many more songs. There’s no scenario where the disease will stop me from doing what I do with the band, so keep that in mind. I WILL BE BACK. This has been the fight of my life and tho I feel like shit, I’m blessed to have such wonderful friends and family and fans! Thank you for your understanding. All the love//Harley. P.S Don’t pray for me, god is dead” – Harley Vendetta

The band also shared a picture from the hospital on their social media channels:

Their performance at Gravefest 2023 would have been Mister Misery‘s only performance in Sweden this summer. Their cancellation also meant that the festival was temporarily without a headliner. In the meantime, Mother Mersy have been confirmed as the new headliner. Gravefest 2023 is taking place this weekend at Stortorpsparken in Trångsund (Stockholm). Tickets and further information can be found on the festival’s website.