Madrugada: Music video for “Help Yourself To Me” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 18.6.2022

The Norwegian alternative rockers Madrugada have released their new single “Help Yourself To Me“, along with a music video. You can check out the video below:

The music video was directed by Eivind Holmboe, and Madrugada comment on their latest release as follows:

“HELP YOURSELF TO ME (Music Video) is up on YouTube! Our court photographer Knut Åserud filmed us while we were getting ready for stage in Aarhus and Copenhagen a little earlier this year. Graphics and editing by Eivind Holmboe. We’re pretty pleased with the result. Hope you like it too. This song is one of our absolute favorites on the new album. Feel free to share it. All the best!”

– Madrugada

After “Nobody Loves You Like I Do“, “Dreams At Midnight“, “Ecstasy” and “Call My Name“, “Help Yourself To Me” is already the fifth single from Madrugada‘s 6th studio album “Chimes At Midnight” which was released on 28 January 2022 via Warner Music. Madrugada‘s comeback album after 14 years reached amongst others number one in the Greek album charts, number six in the album charts of Germany and Switzerland, and number two in the album charts of their home country Norway.

The band around frontman Sivert Høyem is currently on summer festival tour in Norway and Denmark. The dates can be seen below. Tickets and further information can be found on Madrugada‘s website.