Madrugada: Music video for “Ecstasy” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 6.1.2022

The Norwegian alternative rockers Madrugada have released their new single “Ecstasy“, along with a music video. You can check out the video below:

The music video was directed by Eivind Holmboe from the Oslo-based production company “Einar Film og Fortellinger”.

After “Nobody Loves You Like I Do” and “Dreams At Midnight“, “Ecstasy” is already the third single from Madrugada‘s upcoming 6th studio album “Chimes At Midnight” which will be released on 28 January 2022 via Warner Music.

Madrugada comment on their new single as follows:

“Our new single ECSTASY is out now! It’s a song that means a lot to us – We hope you like it too.” – Madrugada

Regarding “Chimes At Midnight”, their comeback album after 14 years, the band around frontman Sivert Høyem says:

“On January 28th we release our new album ‘Chimes at Midnight’! When we went on tour to celebrate ‘Industrial Silence’ back in 2019, we realised that our amazing audience were still out there, and that we loved being back together. We didn’t want the tour to end, and we wanted to write more songs together. So, despite being a band that usually takes our sweet time to agree on just about anything, we went straight off the stage and back into the rehearsal room to write new songs.” – Madrugada

“Chimes At Midnight” can be pre-ordered here while “Ecstasy” can be streamed / downloaded here.