Jon Bon Jovi explains why he is not in contact with Richie Sambora anymore

Author Arto Mäenpää - 15.3.2024

Jon Bon Jovi’s connection with former guitarist Richie Sambora remains distant, even amidst the release of a documentary featuring both musicians.

In a recent conversation with Matt Wardlaw from Ultimate Classic Rock, Bon Jovi discussed the band’s upcoming docuseries Thank You, Goodnight. Although the series includes interview footage with Sambora, Bon Jovi clarified that he had no involvement in Sambora’s contribution.

When asked about communication with Sambora regarding the documentary, Bon Jovi replied, “Not a word.” He emphasized that the interviews with Sambora were conducted independently, without his participation.

Explaining their current relationship, Bon Jovi stated, “We’re not in contact because he’s no longer part of the organization.” Despite this, he expressed enduring respect and affection, noting Sambora’s departure from the band 11 years ago.

Following Sambora’s abrupt exit in 2013, Bon Jovi recruited Phil X to fill his role. Reflecting on this transition, Bon Jovi acknowledged the personal challenges Sambora faced as a single parent and with substance abuse issues.

Despite the distance, Bon Jovi remains focused on the band’s future, with their new album, “Forever”, set for release on June 7th, marking their continued collaboration with Phil X on lead guitar.