Bon Jovi will not tour the new album

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 10.6.2024

Bon Jovi’s new album “Forever” came out a few days ago, on the 7th  of June. Now the singer Jon Bon Jovi told The Guardian that the band will most likely not tour in support of the new album, because of his ongoing vocal recovery.

“It’s a work in progress. There’s no miracle. I just wish there was a fucking light switch. I’m more than capable of singing again. The bar is now: can I do two and a half hours a night, four nights a week? The answer is no.” Jon Bon Jovi

In 2022 Jon Bon Jovi had to undergo a medical procedure, a vocal cord medialization. The healing process takes a long time, as the procedure will help his voice regain proper function.

The singer told The Guardian that he is working hard on the goal of getting back to playing shows and that he is taking part in special therapy sessions for his voice. Richie Sambora, guitarist of Bon Jovi, also stated that he is ready to get back on the road as soon as Jon Bon Jovi’s voice is completely healed again.