Jon Bon Jovi considers future tech trends: hologram and avatar tours possible?

Author Arto Mäenpää - 29.4.2024

Renowned musician Jon Bon Jovi is exploring the potential integration of cutting-edge technology into the music industry, raising the prospect of hologram or avatar tours for his iconic band.

In recent years, technological advancements have reshaped live performances, allowing artists to maintain a presence on stage through holograms or avatars, regardless of their physical presence. Acts such as ABBA and Ronnie James Dio have successfully engaged audiences with hologram concerts, while Kiss‘s announcement of a virtual continuation of their farewell tour has sparked intrigue.

When pressed about the possibility of his band following suit, Bon Jovi revealed a willingness to consider the idea. “I don’t think I’m opposed to anything like it yet,” he shared in a conversation with UCR’s Matt Wardlaw, highlighting the importance of technological readiness. “I don’t know if the technology’s there.

In contemplating this potential evolution, Bon Jovi underscored his openness to exploring new avenues of artistic expression. “I don’t mind the idea of images of us being out there for people to go and enjoy,” he reflected, dismissing any apprehensions. “I don’t find that to be at all a turn off.