Ghost’s song “Mary On A Cross” became a big hit on TikTok via a Stranger Things video – some of the band’s fans are annoyed

Author Samuel Järvinen - 22.8.2022

Not only is the popular app TikTok making new and old songs a big hit with young people, but the latest season of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things has also made songs by Kate Bush and Metallica very popular.

Now, Swedish rock band Ghost’s 2019 track “Mary On A Cross” has risen in popularity on TikTok, as the user name editingtherapy released a video based on Stranger Things with the song playing in the background. The popularity of the video helped the song reach number 10 on Spotify’s “50 Most Viral” list, for example.

Some Ghost fans are delighted with the song’s unexpected popularity, while others say they are annoyed. You can read some tweets on the subject below.