EYE AM share new video “Cryptomnesia”

Author Flavia Andrade - 24.11.2023

EYE AM, the supergroup featuring Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, ex-Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, and ex-Crowbar/Down bassist Todd Strange, have shared another single, “Cryptomnesia“. The track has been released along with a music video directed by Mike Holderbeast.

Hickey comments:

It’s my older, wiser self telling off my younger self for screwing up so much crap for so long and screwing up both our lives.

I don’t want our music to be one-dimensional. I don’t want it to be just dark and doomy or always heavy I want it to be both light and dark and dynamic and I think ‘Cryptomnesia’ really captures all of that. I really love the way it moves freely between opposing movements of heavy guitars and sudden melodic key changes and even acoustic segments. It’s a moody song and it goes a lot of places in the 5 minutes or so it takes to play out. It feels more like a trip than a song to me. I don’t get tired of listening to it.

Windstein adds:

I really think ‘Cryptomnesia’ is a perfect example of a new band finding its own style and sound. I love ‘Dreams Always Die With The Sun‘, but we had a lot more time putting together ‘Cryptomnesia’, and the end result is awesome!!! The song is very hypnotic to me. I never get tired of hearing it, and that’s a great thing!!!

The band has been working on a debut album, but details are still pending.