“We really weren’t sure what to expect” – interview with Johnny Kelly of Eye Am

Author Hernan Osuna - 3.6.2023

The stars were aligned a new supergroup was born. Eye Am, is a refreshing and amazing US rock/metal band that features Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey, and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, as well as former Crowbar bassist Todd Strange. The renowned musicians got together for jamming, not knowing what was going to come out of it, and the magic happened. It is often said that “the best things come out of the blue“.Some of this happened with Eye AM.

The group released their brand new single, “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” on Friday, June 2 via Corpse Paint Records. The accompanying video was shot at The Joy Theatre in the heart of New Orleans. You can watch it below.

Dreams Always Die With The Sun” is an original, organic song steeped in the hard rock heavy metal genre fueled by vocal, guitar-driven rock melody and harmonies. The song takes influence from The Beatles to Black Sabbath.

Ahead of the release of this first single, Chaoszine sat down with drummer Johnny Kelly, who also plays in Quiet Riot and Kill Devil Hill, to talk about this astonishing new project, future plans, how he feels about sharing a new band with fellow Type O Negative member Kenny Hickey, his drum set, the memory of Peter Steele and more.

Check the full interview below:

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