Eye Am (Crowbar, Ex-Type O Negative, Etc.) to release new single “Cryptomnesia” in November

Author Flavia Andrade - 30.8.2023

Eye Am, a supergroup featuring Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, ex-Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, and ex-Crowbar/Down bassist Todd Strange, have announced a debut date for their new single, “Cryptomnesia“ for November 24.

That track will be their second single out, following “Dreams Always Die With The Sun“.

Guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey said:

As a musician, it’s often difficult to listen to a song just for the enjoyment of it once it’s been completed primarily because of the many hours of work and concentration that go into it and the repetitive nature of the recording process in general. But, when I sit back and listen to ‘Cryptomnesia‘ all that seems to melt away and I fall in love with it again.

The song is more of an experience rather than just another tune to fill in some time while you’re on your way here or there.

You can pre-order a physical edition of the single here as part of a contest to meet the band and potentially get your name in the credits of their upcoming debut album.