Credit – Jørn Steen

Darkthrone drops new album “It Beckons Us All”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 26.4.2024

Norwegian black metal legend Darkthrone has today released their new album titled “It Beckons Us All” via Peaceville Records. The band’s fresh album has been made available for streaming in its entirety on various streaming platforms, and you can listen to the album here:

In conjunction with the album release, the band has also unveiled a lyric video for their song “The Bird People of Nordland,” about which drummer/guitarist/vocalist Fenriz had the following to say:

“This is Ted‘s song so a bit hard for me to comment on it musically but I will tell you all what I think when I hear it:

First of we have a typical grim Ted riff for the verse, then he surprises with a catchy riff for the refrain AND THEN comes my fave part of the album; the post-refrain riff which sounds like Queensryche 1984 style and you can also hear how much we enjoy to play it! EXACTLY where I want to be! Could have played that riff for 8 minutes straight, haha! This loops again with the refrain again without singing and then back to Queensryche ’84. Then first riff again with my added harmony guitar playing on it, what our studio man Ole Øvstedal called ‘the Corleone part’.

A break arrives and then things are sped up (not faster than Yardbirds in 64, we are not an extreme metal band, more like MODERAT EPIC) which corresponds with a slower heavy metal riff where we also brought out the mellotron if I remember correctly.

Then Ted bombs you with a final part, primitive d-beat thrash with a riff that sounds like Tom G Warrior made it and I also ordered Ted to lay on some hellish guitars. Anyway, I LIVE for that Queensrÿche 84 riff, Ted!”