Credit – Jørn Steen

Darkthrone announces new album “It Beckons Us All”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 15.3.2024

Influential Norwegian black metal duo Darkthrone have unveiled the title of their 20th studio album as “It Beckons Us All.” The band returned to Chaka Khan Studios in Oslo, Norway, for the album’s recording sessions, which occurred last April/May. Peaceville Records is set to release the album on April 26th.

Drummer/guitarist/vocalist, etc. Fenriz expressed difficulty in articulating his personal sentiments regarding the album, stating:

“I am having difficulties putting into words my personal feelings around the existential title It Beckons Us All, I can only hope others out there can feel the darkness that encompasses it.”

Vocalist/guitarist, etc. Nocturno Culto added:

“We recorded in the manner we always do, live, meaning drums and guitar, with another guitar added later. We found a new twist during this process that surely benefited this album. Fenriz did stellar clean vocals on several songs, and his way of thinking creatively made it so good. We also shared the bass work this time around.

We added a lot of extra layers like solo guitars… it was just a cauldron of ideas. Instead of finding a plug-in or choir synth patch, we both recorded four vocal tracks each. Darkthrone is an ever-evolving band, as many should know by now, and this album is touching a bit into the heavy genre. I have no idea what genre we are, and have really not cared much about it, but I know for sure it’s metal.”

“It Beckons Us All” Track Listing:

  1. Howling Primitive Colonies
  2. Eon 3
  3. Black Dawn Affiliation
  4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer
  5. The Bird People Of Nordland
  6. The Heavy Hand
  7. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet

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