Crashdïet: New single “Better Be Cool” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 28.9.2023

Crashdïet have just released a new single, entitled “Better Be Cool“. You can listen to the song below:

Regarding the origin of the song, the Swedish glam sleaze rockers reveal that “Better Be Cool” is not a newly recorded song:

“Enjoy the new single ‘Better Be Cool’. […] Recorded in 2020-2021 before the Automaton Sessions but didn’t make it onto the album.”

– Crashdïet

Better Be Cool” features all actual band members of Crashdïet, namely Gabriel Keyes (vocals), Peter London (bass), Martin Sweet (guitar) and Eric Young (drums).

Since April 2022, most of the band members have gradually withdrawn from the band’s activities, starting with drummer Eric Young who stepped down from his live duties, initially citing the need to “focus on my own well being for a while” as a reason. Guitarist Martin Sweet, who is the only longtime band member at current Crashdïet live shows, revealed later on that Eric Young had “his own career”, going on tour with bigger bands as a technician. Only a few months later, also bass player Peter London performed his so far last gig with the band. Also here, health issues are given as a reason, which Peter London himself has confirmed, but he is also expecting his first child with his girlfriend, the Swedish politician Louise Erixon. At the beginning of this month, Crashdïet postponed their Finland tour at short notice. While a facebook post by Crashdïet mentions “health related reasons”, frontman Gabriel Keyes only speaks of “things in life which come in an unexpected way and demand your full attention” and that he has decided to “take a break from touring for a while”. The former might refer to the fact that also Gabriel Keyes is enjoying the joys of fatherhood.

Crashdïet‘s 6th studio album “Automaton” was released on 29 April 2022 via Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records.