Copenhell 2024 line-up expanded with 13 new bands

Author Hernan Osuna - 29.11.2023

Danish metal festival Copenhell has added 13 new bands for its 2024 line-up. The previously announced groups will be joined by the following: Limp Bizkit, Mr. Bungle, Steel Panther, Body Count, Chelsea Wolfe, Eivør, Night Verses, The Scratch, Twin Temple, 802, Deathbyromy, Hulder and Until I Wake.

The festival takes place on June 19-22, 2024 in Copenhagen. Grab your tickets here.

Around the turn of the century, hip-hop, metal and alternative rock was the efficient cocktail that sent Limp Bizkit towards the pinnacle of fame as one of the most important bands in the wave of nu-metal that washed over the world around 25 years ago. Through time, musical innovation and a string of controversies have gone hand in hand for the band, which has retained its relevance as a rebellious and self-ironic rock band with top-class guitar playing from Wes Borland and the characteristic rap vocals from charismatic frontman Fred Durst. An important page in the book of music history and pop culture will be opened when the group visits Copenhell for the first time – and is guaranteed to kickstart one of the greatest audience parties ever.

The Californian Act Mr. Bungle is the epitome of experimentation and innovation – and not least top-shelf music quality. The infinitely charismatic vocal wizard Mike Patton spearheads a crew that counts metal legends like Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo, and the band’s wild, energetic music spans very widely across everything from rock and metal to jazz and ska. After a long hiatus, the group released their fourth album in 2020, “The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo”, which marked a return to their thrash metal roots. A concert with this band is unlike everything else: Expect the unexpected – and absolutely high-quality entertainment.

Steel Panther conquered Copenhell with their baroque stage show in 2018, and the crazy Americans are now ready to return to the festival with their incredibly entertaining live performance. Everything this band does is soaked to the core in great self-irony and parodical satire over both the band itself, the hard and heavy music genres and the entire culture that has arisen around them through time. Their hilarious ’80s glam metal pastiche is supported by remarkably competent instrumental work and not least lead singer Michael Starr’s formidable vocals.

The American rapper Ice-T started Body Count in 1990 and ever since then, the band has been famous and infamous for its controversial and aggressive approach to music. Rap and heavy metal are combined in an explosive cocktail, which has challenged norms and hit sore nerves through time. The band is, however, also known for its music prowess and has long since proved that they are way more than just a provocative parenthesis in music history and one of the driving forces in the rap/metal crossover genre, capable of constantly renewing their sound and delivering engaging live shows.

Chelsea Wolfe is a completely unique musician on the alternative music scene who is known for her characteristic voice and eclectic mix of genres, spanning from both goth and doom metal to electronic styles. She got her breakthrough with the debut “The Grime and the Glow” in 2010, which was followed by a series of critically praised releases, among others “Apokalypsis” in 2011 and “Pain Is Beauty” in 2013. Her lyrical universe is dark and melancholic, and her live performances conjure hypnotic audioscapes that combine the beautiful and the scary in an atmospheric total experience.

Eivør is a prominent Faroese singer and songwriter whose music repertoire covers a great variety of genres. She released her first album, “Eivør Pálsdóttir”, as a teenager in 2000 and ever since then, she has reached out towards a still greater international audience with her strong songs and formidable voice – and not least her contributions to the TV show ‘The Last Kingdom’ and the video game ‘God of War: Ragnarök’. Her music is an incredibly atmospheric combination of Faroese folk music and electronic elements with alternately Faroese and English lyrics, all focusing on her powerful vocals.

The American band Night Verses has been tearing up the progressive metal scene ever since their debut release “Lift Your Existence” in 2013. During the last ten years, they have constantly explored the boundaries of both post-rock and experimentational metal with their complex soundscapes, lots of passion and great technical skill. This is music that touches both hearts and minds with artistic innovation and a strong emotional touch.

For four full days, shredding electric guitars will resound across Copenhell but the Dublin quartet The Scratch pulls in a completely different direction. Most of the band’s members played in the metal band Red Enemy and chose a music project that was much more personal to them after its disbandment. The result was this creative busking quartet that plays something best characterised as progressive Celtic-Irish folk rock – exclusively on acoustic instruments.

Twin Temple delivers an exciting new interpretation of occult rock with a very distinct sound that combines elements from rock’n’roll, ’50s and ‘60s doo-wop and blues with a mystical, gothic twist. With their originality and theatrical live performances, the band has created waves on the alternative music scene with their interesting fusion of retro sound and modern elements.

802’s frontman Andreas Asingh used to work with hip-hop but moved back to his home region of Djursland in Denmark, where he found two musicians from the local metal underground and started up a trio that combines metal, fuzz, distortion, synthesizers and dreamy vocals in a very special soundscape. The band gave a convincing performance at Copenhell Metal Cruise 2023 and will return at Copenhell 2024.

Behind the stage name Deathbyromy, we find the American singer-songwriter Ramy Daramy who has become famous for her deeply personal, brutally honest and very creative music. Her sonic output consists of both pop, dark electronic music and metal elements and is constantly surprising. The extremely popular song “Problems” from the 2019 EP “Love U to Death” has been streamed a staggering 61 million times on Spotify to date, and we are happy to welcome a music project that will without a doubt both challenge and provoke the audience to Copenhell.

After a remarkable EP in 2019, the American black metal band – and the woman with the same nom de guerre – Hulder released its first full-length album 2021, “Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry”, which truly started spreading rings in the dark waters. The music is like a razor-sharp axe that chops all the way down into the black metal genres foundation and rips it apart with strong musical innovation. Of course combined with the raw, raspy vocals and raging guitars defined by genre conventions.

The new band Until I Wake has been smouldering on the hardrock/metalcore scene ever since the release of their solid debut album “Inside My Head” in 2022, and it is starting to move towards bigger stages. Their crisp, guitar-driven music has attracted great attention from both audiences, media and not least the music industry after their record deal with Fearless Records.

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