A leash of deathly thunder: Suffocation at Club Academy, Manchester, UK

Author Sabrina Ramdoyal - 7.3.2024

With a new vocalist at the helm, Suffocation embarked on a musical journey through their illustrious career, leaving an indelible mark on their devoted fans at the Manchester Academy venue. The consistency as a live act was unparalleled in the depths of death metal. The setlist was a carefully curated selection of the band’s greatest hits, each song a testament to their masterful songwriting. From the crushing brutality of “Abomination Reborn” to the haunting melodies of “Liege of Inveracity“, Showcasing their versatility and the depth of musical prowess as the night progressed, one couldn’t help but wonder why Suffocation has remained relatively under-appreciated. The ferocious five-piece were not merely a footnote; they are a treasure in the metal community.