Zakk Wylde does not find the hologram of Ronnie James Dion problematic: “I Think It’s Great”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 27.12.2021

The late great singer Ronnie James Dio hasn’t quite been laid to rest, as the singer has been seen at gigs for some time in the form of an hologram. However, the hologram was recently benched due to its cost, and instead Dio will be rolled out in video form.

Guitarist Zakk Wylde, of Black Label Society and Ozzy Osbourne’s band fame, commented in a recent episode of the TODDCast Podcast on the recent ‘Dio Returns’ tour, where the hologram was still used.

“I think it’s great. All it’s doing is keeping our favorite artists’ memories alive — whether it’s seeing cover bands or anything like that. And put it this way: if you go and see it and we all have a great time, all you’re doing is celebrating Ronnie’s greateness and how awesome he was. I don’t see any problems with it. It’s entertainment. If you go see it, and if you love Ronnie James Dio, and we all do, you have a great time”, Wylde says and continues:

“It’s no different than when I see any of my friends that play in cover bands. I’ve got my buddies that play in Zoso and everything like that — they’re an amazing Led Zeppelin cover band, and every time we go see ’em, we have a great time. It’s just awesome. I think it’s just a celebration of your favorite bands and your favorite artists. So I think it’s awesome. I have no problems with it at all.”