Woman allegedly drugged at Rammstein gig says she was told by band’s legal team to stop talking about it

Author Hernan Osuna - 31.5.2023

German metal band Rammstein, who have played two sold-out shows in Finland and started their trek in Lithuania, has been the subject of serious accusations on social media for several days. Twitter user Shelby Lynn claims to have been drugged as part of a party before and after the band’s Vilnius show, to which beautiful young women are invited. Lynn has collected compilations of similar experiences by other women on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can read a compilation of the events here. A short response from the band can be found here.

Lynn now says on social media that she has received a cease and desist letter from the band’s legal team. The purpose of the letter is to warn the recipient that if they do not stop their (allegedly illegal) activities, they may face legal action. It can be sent, for example, when there is a suspicion of defamation or libel.

A screenshot of the letter shows that it comes from the law firm Lichte Rechtsanwälte. One of the firm’s lawyers, Sebastian Ott, represented the band when it sought an injunction against Viagogo, a ticket reseller selling tickets at inflated prices.

Lynn’s screenshot is from the chat app WhatsApp. The image shows a 3-page PDF file with Lynn’s surname misspelled in the file name. However, a small preview window shows that the name is correct in the letter itself.

You can bankrupt me, I don’t care. I know the truth. You will not touch me to silence me,” the woman commented in the caption.
Many people on online forums have questioned the authenticity of the letter. One of the factors that has led to this doubt is the suspicion that the document in question could be sent via an application such as WhatsApp.

“It looks like a screenshot from WhatsApp. I don’t know shit about the legal process, but I do know that you don’t send a cease and desist letter via SMS. That idea is absolutely ridiculous,” one commenter wrote on Reddit.

However, according to online articles, a cease and desist letter is not itself an official legal letter, so it can be sent by email, for example. For example, the LegalZoom website reports on the issue. According to the article, the sender of the letter should be sure that the letter has been received, as sometimes people claim not to have received a warning. Whatsapp offers the possibility to see when the recipient has received the message. Similar views are expressed by companies such as Legalnature and Rocket Lawyer.

Comments on Reddit have also raised the point that the law firm may not have Lynn’s home address in Ireland. However, Alena Makeeva, who allegedly recruited participants for Rammstein’s private party, does have Lynn’s phone number, which she obtained from Lynn herself. The phone number may therefore have ended up with the law firm through which the injunction was sent.

Shelby Lynn’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Shelbys69666/status/1662933465178808320?s=20