Woman accuses Till Lindemann of Rammstein for spiking her drink with drugs: talk of the vocalist’s secret after parties on social media

Author Hernan Osuna - 26.5.2023

German metal band Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann has been the subject of serious accusations on social media.

Twitter user Shelby Lynn claims that her drink was spiked with drugs, and directs her accusations towards Lindemann and his staff.

Lynn writes about the issue on her Twitter account and Instagram account, but she has no actual hard evidence to support the claim that her drink was spiked.

According to Lynn, she was chosen as part of a group of girls who were placed in front of the stage to watch the show. Lynn says a person called Alena Makeeva uses social media to recruit young women to attend Rammstein concerts in “row 0”, the space in front of the stage. Makeeva’s Instagram account currently reads “casting director” and Lindemann’s Instagram account is linked to the shoot.

Aleena Makeeva invited me to join her on row 0. I sent her a message on Instagram last week asking her how on earth to get to the after parties and that I would like to be considered. She asked my age and where I was from, and when I confirmed, she sent me a link to the WhatsApp group,” Lynn writes on Twitter.

5 months ago a question was posted on Rammstein’s Reddit channel about the continuation of Rammstein’s gigs and what is happening there. The editor of RammWiki, a Rammstein information site, answered the questions as follows:”There will also be a special Till celebration. You have to be a beautiful girl to have a chance of being selected for this. You need to contact Alena Makeeva on Instagram when she asks on her Instagram stories who is coming to the concert. You need a public profile so she can see your photo. And if she thinks you fit in, she will contact you. Then you get a free ticket and can stand in row 0 at the concert, either on the left or right side of the stage. Before the show, a few invited girls meet Till, and he chats to everyone and just tries to have a good time. Then the show starts. After the show, you’re invited to his own party.”

Lynn says former Combichrist and current Aesthetic Perfection drummer and DJ Joe Letz was on hand to organise the party and guide the girls. According to Lynn, Letz told her during the evening that the band’s singer Till Lindemann would like to meet her.

He said, ‘It’s OK, I just wanted to talk to you because your English is better than everyone else’s.’ I said OK. Then Letz said ‘Till would like to meet you’. I immediately replied ‘why, why me? Is this about sex?‘ To which Letz replied ‘No, nothing like that. Till is a gentleman.”

Lynn claims that Letz told her not to talk to anyone about it. However, Lynn returned to the other girls and was asked what happened.

One girl asked me why I was asked to go there, and I told her. She said ‘no, don’t go, he wants sex, I’m not even supposed to be here, I’ll sneak in covering my Saturday bracelet’ I said ‘okay, fuck, I want to back out, is it too late?’ During the show don’t let me go anywhere

In her next story, Lynn says that Lindemann came into the room, poured the girls tequila and broke a whiskey glass. After telling the girls to drink, Lindemann leaves and soon the show begins. Lynn reports that during the gig she was completely out of it and doesn’t remember much.

Lynn suspects that the alcohol he had been given was laced with drugs. The woman says she was directed to a small space under the stage during the interval, where Lindemann soon arrives. However, Lynn refuses to have sex, to which Lindemann allegedly reacts with rage. “Joe said you would!“, Lynn claims Lindemann said.

Lynn then says she still refuses, after which an allegedly angry Lindemann heads off, and soon the second half of the show begins.

After the show, Lynn remembers just sitting in the after-party with lots of other girls. Lynn throws up and then heads to her hotel, where she finds bruises and marks on her body.

The next day, the woman says she heard that the same thing happened to other girls. Lynn bought a drug test at the store, but it came back negative.

In 2016, the popular online blogging service Tumblr published an article with similar features to Lynn’s story. The author describes a similar party full of young women, where they were given alcohol to drink, and where Till Lindemann was present.

The topic is being discussed on Rammstein’s Reddit page. In the comments section, many people share their own experiences of the band’s alleged extensions and what happens there. There is also scepticism and comments about how Lynn has no evidence to give.

Three years ago, a video was posted on Reddit in which a pair of girls appear to ask the band’s staff a question. The duo are apparently instructed to go under the stage. Lynn says on Instagram that the video corresponds to her experience of being taken to wait for Lindemann in a small space under the stage during the interval between gigs.

A moderator on Rammstein’s Reddit page does not find the claims credible.

At the time of writing, neither the band nor its representatives have publicly responded to the allegations.

Anna Yakina, the manager and wife of Peter Tägtren, who previously contributed to the Lindemann project, commented on Lynn’s Instagram post that she believed his story. According to her, this is not the first such case. Tägtren left Lindemann’s solo project in 2020.

Rammstein camp or Till Lindemann has not commented the accusations.

A screenshot of a conversation with Alena Makeeva taken from Lynn’s Instagram account.

A screenshot of a conversation with Alena Makeeva taken from Lynn’s Instagram account.

Screenshot from Alena Makeeva’s Instagram account