Rammstein singer Till Lindemann’s investigation into alleged sexual offences closed in Germany

Author Hernan Osuna - 29.8.2023

German metal band Rammstein, who played two sold-out shows in Finland earlier this summer, has been the subject of serious allegations on social media throughout the summer.

The controversial allegations come from Shelby Lynn, who claims to have been drugged as part of a party before and after the band’s show in Vilnius, to which beautiful young women were invited. Lynn has been unable to provide solid evidence to support his claim.

German prosecutors opened an investigation into Lindemann’s alleged drugging and rape in June. But the Berlin prosecutors have now closed the case. The reason given for the closure was that the persons concerned had not reported the case to the police themselves, but that the reports had been made by third parties.

No evidence was found to substantiate the allegations. The German newspaper Bild, for example, reported on the case.

Lindemann deleted her Instagram account during the scandal, but it has since been restored. The penis cannon and the song “Pussy” from the band’s set were left out of the gigs.

Lindemann gave a concert at Helsinki Jäähall on December 3.